Dr. Sb expresses his opinions on the upcoming wars and impending doom. He claims that the international powers have gathered in Afghanistan to do more War not play Ludo. He warns us through this. Watch live with Dr. Shahid Masood’s episode of 27th July 2019. Dr. Masood is one of the renowned scholars of Pakistan who has deep insight into religious and political ongoings inside the country. His views are based on the experience of decades spent in search of knowledge and the truth. His professional analysis is more than 50% accurate most of the time and some wise men say that his analysis is 90% or even 100% accurate more than 50% of the time. He is such a celebrity. Watch the video provide your feedback in the comments box below. Sign up for One Web One Hub and avail awesome discounts at associated services by clicking here. We suggest using a translator if you do not know the Urdu Language.
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