Video Game High School Season 1 EP-9

Video Game High School Season 1 EP-9

Watch and enjoy the Ninth episode of short comedy-drama series named “Video Game High School” presented to us by Rocket Jump. This is an amazing fun-filled comedy-drama series created by the Rocket Jump team. We found this cool amazing video series on YouTube and made it a fine addition to our website content as well. We would like to appreciate the creators of this fun-filled drama. Use a translator if you do not know the English language. Following information has been related from the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: Video Game High School (often abbreviated VGHS) is an American action-comedy web series from RocketJump Studios. It was written by Matthew Arnold, Will Campos, and Brian Firenzi and directed by Matthew Arnold, Brandon Laatsch, and Freddie Wong. RocketJump Studios describes the series as “a show about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot”.[1] The team at RocketJump chose to make a web series because they “strongly believe the foundations for the future of digitally distributed content will be laid by web series”. Since its release in 2012, the series has acquired a cult following and has been viewed over 150 million times on various online platforms.[2]


The series is set in the near future where video games elevate its best players to stardom by its position as the world’s most popular competitive sport.[3] Video Game High School (VGHS) is an elite and prestigious facility that teaches a curriculum of video games of all genres. The show’s protagonist, BrianD, gains entry to the school after unwittingly defeating “The Law”, an international first-person shooter star, on live television. The show follows BrianD and the friends and enemies he makes at the school, playing on standard tropes of school dramas with a video game background. The show uses live-action scenes with the characters to show action within the games. The games depicted are inventions of the show, with the most prominent being a first-person shooter named Field of Fire.


Actor Character Season
1 2 3
Josh Blaylock
Brian Doheny Main
Johanna Braddy
Jennifer Matthews (Jenny Matrix) Main
Ellary Porterfield
Kimberly Swan Main
Jimmy Wong
Theodore Wong Main
Cynthia Watros
Mary Matthews (Mary Matrix) Main
Brian Firenzi
The Law Main Recurring
Nathan Kress
New Law Main
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