In this video HTV analyses, the current geopolitical situation of Pakistan. HTV tells us how this situation could turn into large scale warfare and result in huge bloodshed. HTV refers to the prophecies of Namatulla Shah Wali that these events are all linked together. These events are beads of one string. Haqeeqat TV is a well renowned social media news channel operated by patriot Pakistanis. Their main objective is to present the critical national and international news which is being suppressed by the mainstream media of national and international interests. So far they seem to be doing an outstanding job and we encourage their work in highlighting the wrongdoings in our national stakes by both national and international stakeholders. We suggest using a translator if you do not know the Urdu language as the video host uses the Urdu language in his commentary. Watch the video for details. Subscribe to our website to avail amazing discounts at our associated services by clicking here.
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