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Tax filing is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. We know the value of your time, we have a team of professional accountants available for your tax return filing needs. All you need to do is to contact us and provide relevant details and our professionals will help you out for a reasonable fee.

MTF & CO. is a team of dedicated professionals who provide online hassle-free tax assistance services to its clients since 2017. Our professional team takes care of this critical job throughout Pakistan as well as overseas Pakistanis’ tax issues.

Mission Statement: Our Client’s satisfaction is our mission by providing hassle-free online tax-related services.

Our Team: Our team includes professionals, Lawyers, and well-experienced dedicated persons who always take care of our valued clients to keep them hassle-free by providing services online and in their comfort zone.

Work Approach:

Our work approach is the maintenance of quality, timely delivery, and a clear understanding of business objectives and challenges. We truly believe that the well-being of our clients is the key driver of our success and business growth.

MTF & Co. believes in :

  1. Dedication and professionalism of our team.
  2. The satisfaction of our clients.
  3. Flexibility & Agility.
  4. Work-life balance.

Scope of Services:

The following is briefed areas in which we provide our online services for more understanding to our valued Clients:-

1. Income Tax Return(s)

2. Sales Tax Return(s)

3. Services Sales Tax Return(s)

4. Financial Reporting Preparations for meeting banking requirements according to our valued clients’ needs.

Dealing with tax issues:

In any business tax issues are really troublesome jobs for a businessman. It requires the assistance of professionals and experts in appropriate manners. MTF & CO. offers services of a highly specialized team of Tax Consultants to facilitate clients.


MTF & CO. is a firm of Professionals, Advocates, and Advisors for all kinds of issues related to tax and business laws. It is a tax-dedicated practice to provide innovative and in-depth solutions to tax issues.


Following are the Images presenting portals for Income Tax and Sales Tax filing purposes.


Sales Tax Return Filing :Pakistan

Click on the above images, they will take you to a portal at the FBR website from where you can initiate your registration for electronic return filing for Income tax and Sales tax. For assistance contact 0313-2156434/0333-3994020, Skype ID: MuhammadTahaFarooq2000.

You can contact our professionals by filling up the form below and pressing the submit button. Write your detailed messages and queries in the form given.
Contact Our Professionals:


The good news is that once you register for the IRIS portal you can use the same ID and password to log into the Sales Tax filing portal as well.

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Frequently filed items in a Return of Income by US Tax payer individual

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Filing Date Extended Up To 31 Oct 2023

Filing Date for Tax year 2023 updated on the FBR site up to 31st Oct 2023. Following is the snap shot of the correspondence.

Real estate and FBR policies In this video find out about the federal budget and real estate business policies. Surprising informative details got on front.  

Who should be a filer ? Information contains some outdated requirements but still applicable on the masses.  

Extension In Amnesty Scheme Till 3rd July 2019 Do not take this step by FBR as weakness. Do your part and file your returns. Take help of professionals if you can not file it yourself.

FBR Sends Notice To Government Servants

FBR has clearly declared, that even government servants are required to file their Income Tax Returns. Irrespective of their service nature. If they are coming under the purview of Sec 114 of the Income Tax Ordinance. They are required to file their Returns. If you...

WHO IS NOT REQUIRED TO FILE RETURN OF INCOME : MTF & Co. In this video, the speaker explains the relevant law sections of the Income Tax Ordinance. He educates us by narrating and explaining the relevant details. Muhammad Taha Farooq is a professional accountant who is...

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Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan4 months ago
FBR Restructuring
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan4 months ago
*Ktrade Morning Shout:*

*EU extends GSP+ status up to 2027, Pakistani exporters urged to explore beyond textile bonanza*
Rather than staying confined to exporting textiles only, the business community of Karachi should broaden and diversify their exports to the European Union to take maximum advantage of the EU’s GSP Plus for Pakistan which has recently been rolled over for four more years up to 2027, Ambassador of European Union (EU) Raina Kionka said on Tuesday during her visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI).

*Pakistan explores new avenues of cooperation with MENA economies*
The government is focusing on making Pakistani markets accessible to the MENA region by strengthening economic ties with MENA economies, creating the potential for collaboration in agriculture, textiles, engineering, and services, said a press release issued today.

*Pakistan in talks with UAE to rollover $2bn loan*
Pakistan has formally approached the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to request the rollover of a $2 billion loan, according to sources.

*HWQS sponsors arranging funds for working capital, season preparation*
The sponsors of Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited (PSX: HWQS) are in the process of arranging funds to meet the working capital requirement for the maintenance of mills, rescheduling and restructuring with financial institutions, and covering the startup costs of the upcoming crushing season through the sale of off-balance-sheet assets.

*Global food prices fall 10% in 2023, easing inflation worries*
Global food prices posted a decline of 10% in 2023, the biggest annual drop since 2015, signaling a cooldown in food inflation. The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), created by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization was recorded at 118.5 in December 2023, as compared to 131.8 in December 2022.

*CDNS hits Rs960bn in fresh bonds*
The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) has achieved a target of Rs960 billion in fresh bonds in the current fiscal year, from July 01 to January 09 FY24, as APP reported. The CDNS surpassed the annual target and achieved the target of Rs1.6 trillion in fresh bonds in the current fiscal year, the senior official of CDNS told APP on Tuesday.

*Slight increase predicted in sugarcane production, yet challenges loom for upcoming season*
Sugarcane production is expected to increase slightly to around 83.5 million metric tons for the upcoming season 2023-24, compared to the 82.40m metric tons achieved in 2022-23 due to a slight recovery in plant areas affected by the flood in Sindh in the last season.

*Pakistan Startup Fund offers up to 30% co-investment to attract VCs, Angels*
To accelerate the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, the government has launched the Pakistan Startup Fund (PSF) which offers to co-invest up to 30% of the capital raised by startups from venture capitalists or angel investors.

*Chakwal Spinning Mills to merge with one of Pakistan’s largest tech firms*
The Board of Directors (BoD) of Chakwal Spinning Mills Limited (CWSM) has approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the merger/acquisition of the company with one of Pakistan's largest technology companies, having a global presence in the USA, UAE, Philippines, and China, said a notice issued by the company.

*Pakistan saw net outflow of foreign investment in last week of 2023*
Foreign investors turned to net sellers after six weeks, recording a net sale of securities worth Rs439.46 million for the week ending December 29, 2023, as compared to a net purchase worth Rs3.19 billion recorded the previous week.

*PACRA assigns initial rating of ‘AA’ to Nishat Mills debt instrument*
Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has maintained entity ratings of Nishat Mills Limited at AA for long term and A1+ for short term with a Stable outlook forecast, the latest press release issued by PACRA showed. The ratings reflect the established position of Nishat Mills Limited (“Nishat Mills or the company”) in the country’s competitive textile landscape.
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan4 months ago
Not a good move by FBR.

Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan4 months ago
Non filers should note this

Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan
Tax Filing Assistance Pakistan5 months ago
Hackers using registered person data.

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