In this video listen to a story of a young princess who asked 3 interesting questions. A young man who goes on a quest to answer those questions. We suggest using a translator if you do not know the Urdu Language. [Once upon a time, there was a King in Iran. He was worried despite prosperity in the country. The reason for his worries was his daughter the princess. He was worried about her marriage. The princess had a condition that was required to be met for her marriage. Many princes came and lost in completing the condition. The princess used to ask 3 questions which no one could answer. There was a young man in that country who was named Azam. His father was a scholar and the elite of the country were his students. He asked his son to refrain from competing in the quest. But Azam insisted on taking part in the quest for marriage. Azam went on towards the palace. When he reached the palace every one was gathered there to witness the person who was going to complete the quest. The princess asked the first question, she raised her finger of shahada towards the sky. Azam thought for a moment then raised the finger beside the finger of shahadah in the same manner. The princess smiled at his answer and everyone applauded the correct answer given by Azam. Afterward, the princess asked the second question, she stood up from her seat and took a sword in her hand and started flying it in the air, after some time she went back to her seat. Everyone was looking at Azam for his answer, he took out a pen from his pocket and raised it in the air. The Queen applauded the answer and said, well done you have answered correctly. Everyone was wondering what the princess asked and what Azam answered. Then the princess asked the third question, she stood up from her seat and ran up and down the stairs for a while and then went back to her seat. This question was weird and finally Azam answered the question, he put his hand on his heart and gazed at the princess. The Queen Apllauded the answer and congratulated the young man. Everyone was stunned at what had happened. Finally, the Kind asked Azam what was asked and what was answered. Azam said the first question was ” Do you believe in Allah (SWT) the one and only God?” and I answered, “yes I believe in Allah (SWT) and his holy prophet Muhammad (SAW)”. The second question was ” Is there anything better than the sword?” I answered, ” the pen is stronger than the sword”. The third question was ” when princess ran up and down the stairs, she asked that she was tired but there was one part of her body which did not tire up and what was that?”, I answered, ” That the heart does not tire up even when you are tired”. The whole palace echoed with the applauses of the masses. The King blessed the young man and accepted his hand in marriage for the princess.]   
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