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This video contains a song named “Stalingrad” by Sabaton. It portrays the event of the battle of Stalingrad when Russian forces pushed back the Nazis and took back the city of Stalingrad. Following are the Lyrics:
Fresh from Moscow Over Volga came to comrades aid City in despair Almost crushed by the Führer’s army
Oh, it’s colder than Hell Hitler’s forces advancing
The sound of the mortars The music of death A grand symphony
See your friends fall hear them Pray to the god your country denies Every man dies alone and when your Time comes you will know that it’s time
Stalins fortress on fire Is this madness or Hell
The sound of the mortars The music of death We’re playing the devil’s symphony Our violins are guns conducted from Hell
Oh Stalingrad Mratnimiat
Are you playing? Do you follow the conductors lead? No one knows you No one cares about a single violin
Play the score of the damned Know the devil within
Source: LyricFind