Alnoor Homeo clinic is managed by Dr. Khawar Bano. She is not only just a doctor but also a spiritual healer as well. She has exercised medical treatment of her patients combining homeo medicines with research from the Holy Quran. She has thousands of satisfied patients to date and most of them are recurring patients who have faith in her intellect and skills. The most interesting part is that she takes Hadiya of Rs.50 only per medicine and she has this price fixed for over 17 years of her medical practice and in this way she has worked for the welfare of human society in her own way. Even though she faced an accident which damaged her lower back and neck she still moves around solely on her will power and takes aid mostly from her homeo meds. She only uses pain killers when it is necessary, otherwise orthopaedic doctors have named it a miracle of Allah (SWT) that she is in moving stiuation. If you have lost hope for treatment of your illness. We suggest you give homeo meds by Dr. Khawar Bano a try and you will with the help of Allah (SWT) feel the difference. The good doctor works from her home nowadays due to her medical condition and rising rentals of available places to run a welfare clinic. Visit their website directly by clicking on the following link Contact Form:
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