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Sabir Shakir, ISPR And India!!! Sabir Shakir erroneously posted a fake video claims Abid Andleeb. He further shares very sad videos from the Indian Occupied Kashmir area. Abid Andleeb is a growing reporter in Pakistani Youtube media. He tries his best to seek out the truth hidden in the media through physical visits to locations and interviews from the authoritative personalities who provide logical and rational answers to the questions arising out of news gossip. We strongly encourage his efforts and would like our audience to support him. Please use a translator if you do not know the Urdu language. In this video, he has discussed videos regarding recent events of the Indian occupied Jammu And Kashmir Valley after which we can really say Tolerance Level Is Breached!!. Watch the video for more details.
The following information is related to the Youtube Channel owned by the famed Abid Andleeb:
Politics should be in the hands of the people. Political discussion should not be dominated by private interests, we should have a level playing field where issues can be freely discussed by all on an equal footing. We the people must establish a Representative Press to ensure our rights. These current affairs, foreign and domestic policy videos highlight how the current media fail to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.
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