What Is Imran Khan Going To Say On 27th Sept 2019. Usama Ghazi is a well-renowned journalist of Pakistani Origins and his reports are more than 50% accurate most of the time. In this video, he analyses the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan of the UNO. He further analyses the actions of the true leader of Pakistan that the PM Khan might take in the upcoming session of the UN assembly. PM Khan has proved to be a true ambassador of Kashmir and he has already told the world that if it stayed silent then the world can say goodbye to the big economy of India and debts of Pakistan both. Because it’s going to be the end of the world if the 2 nuclear states go into full-scale war. In the past, it happened with Hitler now it is PM Modi who is playing the same role in a different set of shoes. The following information has been related to the “awaztoday.pk” regarding the famed anchor:
[Muhammad Usama Ghazi is the leading television anchor in news and current affairs. He is affiliated with the emerging Media Leader, Dunya News Pakistan. Usama serves an anchor at Express News. He is based at Lahore head office. He joined Express News in May 2007 and is one of the first employees to join Express. He has covered many major national and international news stories including most recently the U.S election; he covered extensively the elections and conducted a two day long transmission with only a couple of hours break in between. He has also covered Pakistan election and had an opportunity to have forum discussions through out the elections. He also hosts a show, Nazar once every week which provides the viewers with an inside look at political, economic, social and cultural affairs. He hosted a morning show at Express morning transmission where he interviewed people from all walks of life. He began his broadcasting career with Business Plus where he worked as an anchor and provided daily stock market regular updates and current economic situation around the globe. Previously Usama has also practiced law at civil courts Lahore. He has earned his degree in LLB from the University of the Punjab. He is a recipient of three year merit scholarship at the university. He has also passed his civil superior services (C.S.S) exam in 2006.]
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