What happened with Doctor Shahid Masood !! What happened with Doctor Shahid Masood !! says Haqeeqat TV. HTV  is a well renowned social media news channel operated by patriot Pakistanis. Their main objective is to present the critical national and international news which is being suppressed by the mainstream media of national and international interests. So far they seem to be doing an outstanding job and we encourage their work in highlighting the wrongdoings in our national stakes by both national and international stakeholders. We suggest using a translator if you do not know the Urdu language as the video host uses the Urdu language in his commentary. Watch the video for details. Subscribe to our website to avail amazing discounts at our associated services by clicking here. In this video, HTV has highlighted the events going on with Dr.Shahid Masood. We are also shocked to see that all his videos that were publicly available a few days back are now termed as private. We do not know what is going on but from the news of HTV we can guess what and why is it happening. If you liked our blog post then give it a thumbs up and if you did not then comment down your views in the comments box below about “What happened with Doctor Shahid Masood !!”. [rumbletalk-chat hash=”72FeMtA7″] Previous Post Next Post
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