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Farishtay By ISPR. This video tells us the story of a young girl who had to face many monsters. This video is all about the sacrifices that had been made in the past 20 years by Pakistani soldiers and citizens alike. Farishtay is a term normally used by people in Pakistan when they are saved by someone in times of desperate need. It’s like when people say in English that ” He came out of nowhere like an angel and saved me from those goons”. The same concept and idea is behind the title Farishtay given by ISPR to this amazing story-based video. If you do not know the Urdu language then we suggest that you use a translator as the whole video is in the Urdu language. If you like this video give this post a thumbs up if you did not then comment down in the comments section below. Subscribe to One Web One Hub to enjoy special discounts at our associated services. Especially for electronic tax filing assistance in Pakistan. We searched over the internet and this what we found about the famed institution on Wikipedia the free encyclopedia:
The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) (Urduبین الخدماتی تعلقات عامہ‎), is a military media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces which broadcasts and coordinates military news and information to the country’s civilian media and the civic society.[1] The ISPR directorate serves the purpose of aiming to strengthen public relations with the civic society, and civil society through interacting with the media.[1] The directorate also works as the principle voice of the Pakistan’s military, with its director-general serving as the official spokesperson of the armed forces.[1] In addition, the ISPR provides funds, productions, and assists with the military-produced public relations media– both military dramas and the war films.[2] Overview: The Directorate of the Inter–Services Public Relations (ISPR) was established in 1949 with army colonel Shahbaz Khan becoming its first director-general.[1] The ISPR operates as a unified public relations system for the Pakistan’s military, which combined armyair forcenavy, and marines.[1] The ISPR manage the public relations requirement of the armed forces, and is staff with the combined personnel of the military along with civilian officers.[1] It functions at the Joint Staff Headquarters (JS HQ) and plays an important role for gathering a national support for the armed forces at the public level.[1] The ISPR also strengthened support for the military‘s assigned contingency operations while undermining the will of the adversary.[1] In views of US army colonel John Adache, the ISPR interfaces between the armed forcescivil media, and the civic society.[1] Furthermore, the ISPR also formulates the media policy of the unified armed forces, safeguards the military interests of the armed forces from negative influence, and monitors international and domestic media reporting regarding its military issues.[1] On regular basis, the ISPR broadcasts the televised news regarding the strategic arsenals testings, contingency operations and military exercises— both at foreign and domestic areas. In Pakistan’s military staff appointments and assignments, the ISPR is one of the most prestigious directorate of Pakistan Armed Forces.[1] Its executive authority, a director-general, is a chief military spokesperson of the Pakistan Armed Forces who reports to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff SecretariatChief of Army Staff as well the head also directly report to Chief of Air StaffCommandant of Marines, and the Chief of Naval Staff.[1]
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