Watch the video and listen to the song Senritsu no Kodomotachi By ALI Project. The song was included as the second opening theme of the anime Phantom of Inferno (Requiem for the phantom). If you want to watch the anime search it in the menu above under tab named Anime or just click here. We encourage you to support the artists. Click on the image below. Following information has been related from the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: “Senritsu no Kodomotachi” (戦慄の子供たち, “Children of Fear”) is Ali Project‘s 25th single. This single was released on August 19, 2009 under Glory Heaven, a sublabel of Lantis, an anime music company. The single title will be used as the second opening theme for the anime series Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. This single will only come in a regular CD only edition. The single’s catalog number is LASM-4020.

Track listing[edit]

# Track Name Romaji
01 戦慄の子供たち Senritsu no Kodomotachi
02 Hell’s Maria
03 戦慄の子供たち -Instrumental- Senritsu no Kodomotachi -Instrumental-
04 Hell’s Maria -Instrumental-
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