Watch the short animated film by David Vandervoot. In this video, you will see how the inner evil in all of us compels us and how we fight against it constantly. Following information has been related from IMDb website: A schizophrenic pickpocket scours the underground trains at the command of his inner demons. But when an accidental score reconnects him with a long-lost love, he must test his strength and defy the voices in his head. In the end, the quest for love proves the most meaningful endeavor of all, and the final cure for his sickness. Written by David Vandervoort. One of the users named “the reality” had to say this about the short animated film: “The first fascination source are the straight lines. the second – the story. it could be a film about schizophrenia . or about a young thief. or about ordinary everyday life and the manner to see the other. in fact, it is a pure gem. for everybody. because the film is seductive. and fascinating. and special. for the theme and for the details . for the fight again demons and for the cure. for a sort of magic realism who gives to it a different frame. or aura. because, in fact, it could be about you. and, maybe, that remains, after its end, the most significant fact. it is not an easy animation. because, a long time after its end, fragments from it are present in your memory in a fresh way. like a kind of memory about real events. sure, probably it is only my case.” Watch the video and have fun. If you like our blog post then give it a thumbs up and if you did not then comment down your views in the comments box below. Subscribe to our website to avail discounts at our associated services.
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