Stereopony performing and singing Stand By Me. Watch the video and listen to the song. Enjoy, Following information has been related from the Wikipedia the great encyclopedia: [Stereopony (ステレオポニーSutereoponī), was a Japanese pop rock band that formed in OkinawaJapan in 2007 and disbanded in 2012. The three-girl band consisted of Aimi Haraguni (lead vocals and guitar), Nohana Kitajima (bass guitar), and Shiho Yamanoha (drums). They were signed to the Sony Records music label.[1] The band released 11 singles and three studio albums. Their 11th single “Stand By Me” was released on May 30, 2012; the title song was used as the ending theme of Eureka Seven: AO. Stereopony attended as special guests for Anime Festival Asia: Indonesia 2012.[25] Stereopony contributed the song “Again” on the Yui tribute album She Loves You released on October 24, 2012; “Again” is a cover of Yui’s 2009 single. After the band took a one-month break during Aimi’s throat polyp surgery, the members decided to disband in October 2012.[26] Their 12th and final single “Namida Nante Mishite Yannai” (涙なんて見してやんない) was released as the split single “Just Rock With Me / Namida Nante Mishite Yannai”. “Just Rock With Me” is the debut single of Evanpony, a band consisting of the members of Stereopony and Evan Taubenfeld. A compilation album titled Best of Stereopony was released on November 21, 2012. Stereopony’s farewell concert was at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on December 27, 2012.[27]].
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