Watch and enjoy the 34th episode of the hit drama series “Mera Rab Waris”. It is the story of a pious girl facing the harsh reality of the modern world. Actress Madiha Imam and Actor Danish Taimoor have played the key roles in this series. If you do not know the Urdu language we suggest using a translator. If you like the video please comment on your views in the comment box below and subscribe to our site by clicking on the link here. By subscribing to One Web One Hub you can enjoy amazing discounts at our associated services. Thanks. Following information has been related from the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia regarding the Drama: Mera Rab Waris is a Pakistani drama television series, written by Jahanzeb Qamar and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under their banner 7th Sky Entertainment. The drama changed between airing weekly and then two episodes biweekly (60-90 minutes) on Geo Entertainment every Wednesday and Thursday replacing Baba Jani and Qaid. It stars Danish Taimoor and Madiha Imam.[1][2][3][4]


This is the story of Ayesha, a young vibrant girl who has strong beliefs, a deep understanding of religion and respect for a traditional and respectful lifestyle. When Haris, who belongs to a liberal household with a modern outlook, meets Ayesha accidentally because of an incident, the unexpected spark between them leads to them getting married. Haris first does not want to marry her due to her pardah, but when he accidentally sees her face, he falls in love with her. His mother does not want him to marry her but finally agrees when Haris threatens to take his life. When they get married, this does not go down well with Faizan who has known Ayesha growing up, and has been in love with her since he was a teenager. However, for the sake of Aisha he tries to be happy. Aishas sister-in-law falls in love with Faizan and marries him. Ayla, a class fellow of Haris, is in love with him and tries to take her life when Haris refuses her. Ayla traps Aisha to think that Haris is having an affair with her by drugging him and sending him a picture of him sleeping on her couch. This does not go well on Aisha but the couple reconcile. Aisha finds out she is pregnant. She sees Mazhar with another girl in the mall, and Mazhar who was aware of Faizi’s feelings towards her, tells on her. Aisha is forced to swear on the Quran that she does not love Faizi, but she does not as this would make her God angry. Haris kicks her out and is heart broken. Aisha goes to her father’s home and is upset. Haris realises the truth when Faizi tells him. Ayla’s truth is also brought forward. Haris goes to Aisha so that she forgives her. They have a car accident and Ayesha has a miscarriage and falls into a coma. Haris is shocked to know that he has lost both is unborn child and Ayesha. He goes to a mazaar and prays. Ayesha wakes up and starts crying in loss of her child when Haris comforts her and they sit side by side which indicates a happy ending. The conflict between Ayesha whose faith is her guiding light, and her in-laws who are far more liberal in their approach, starts as soon as she moves in with them and slowly takes over her whole life.



Mera Rab Waris – OST
Soundtrack album by
Released 3 March 2019
Recorded 2019
Genre Television soundtrack
Length (6:20)
Language Urdu
Label Geo TV
Music video
“Mera Rab Waris ” OST on YouTube
The title song was sung by Sahir Ali Bagga. The music was composed by Sahir Ali Bagga and the lyrics were written by Sahir Ali Bagga.


The series received mixed reviews from critics. Roha Owais of Daily Times wrote: “It captivated the viewers by its strong storyline”.[7][8]] If you like our blog then please give it a thumbs up and If you did not then comment down your views in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting our site.
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