This video depicts the social evils prevailing in our societies. Following information has been related from the Wikipedia: [Mark Baker (born 8 April 1959 in London) is an English animator whose works include the Oscar-nominated short films The Hill Farm (1988), The Village (1993) and Jolly Roger (1998).[1][2][3][4] He is also known for co-creating Peppa Pig (2004–present).] A contemporary of Nick Park at the National Film and Television School in London, Mark Baker now works for Astley Baker Davies. His films, The Hill Farm and Jolly Roger and The Village, were included in the Animation Show of Shows. Through his career, Baker has received Oscar nominations for his works of animated short films[5]. He emerged as an animator in the 1970s. He is known to draw in a childlike style, but the underlying meanings of his work represent a sophisticated world view. His film The Hill Farm (1988) received an Oscar nomination, a BAFTA, the Grand Prix at the Annecy Animation Festival, the praise of the Russian animator Yuri Norstein, and others. Baker completed The Village for Channel 4 in 1993.[4] In 1994, Baker partnered with Neville Astley to create the production company of Astley Baker that was later changed to the name of Astley Baker Davies with the addition of producer Phil Davies.[4] In 2003 he participated in Kihachirō Kawamoto‘s collaborative project Winter Days.[6] His most popular animation that he is recently known for Peppa Pig.[7]]
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