Maalik is a Pakistani movie presented by Ashir Azeem. This is an epic movie keeping in view the storyline that promotes patriotism in Pakistan. This movie shows us the corrupt political feudal system of Pakistan which needs to be corrected. It also showcases the idea of a hidden organization that is required to keep the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in line to do the right job, as the common man is powerless to do the same. Hats off to the story writer and the cast and crew of the film who worked so hard in creating this masterpiece. We fully support and encourage their efforts towards a better future of filmmaking and Pakistani cinema. We suggest using a translator as the movie is in the Urdu language. Also please subscribe to our website to avail amazing discounts at our associated services by clicking here. Keep visiting our blog to find new and interesting stuff. While searching through the internet we came across following information related from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia regarding the famed film:
Maalik (Urdu مالک) is a 2016 Pakistani politicalthriller film directed, written and produced by Ashir Azeem. It was released on 8 April 2016 in cinemas across Pakistan under the production banner of Media Hub.[4][5] The film was banned in Pakistan for political reasons after being cleared by all three Censor Boards of the country with Universal (Unrestricted) rating, opposition parties in Pakistan welcomed the film for showing reality and the KPK govt allowed screening of ‘Maalik’ . Maalik is the only Pakistani film to be banned by the Federal Govt after being cleared by all Censor Boards.[6][7] The film has a big cast with Ashir AzeemFarhan Ally AghaSajid Hassan, Hassan Niazi, Adnan ShahRashid FarooqiEhteshamuddin and Tatmain ul Qulb in the lead roles.
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