Ehd-E-Wafa EP-5. Watch episode 05 of Ehd-e-Wafa the latest drama serial presented to us by ISPR and broadcasted by the HUM TV network. The story starts with a group of friends living in their teen ages. We suggest using a translator if you do not know the Urdu language. Comment on your views in the comments box below about Ehd-E-Wafa EP-5. Support the artists and stay positive. Subscribe to our website to avail of the amazing discounts at our associated services by clicking here. Following information has been related from the Wikipedia the free encyclopedia regarding the famed drama series to which this Ehd-E-Wafa EP-5 is related to:
[Ehd-e-Wafa (EngPromise of Loyalty) is a Pakistani television series created by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Momina Duraid under MD Productions for Hum TV and PTV Home. It revolves around four school friends with different hopes, goals and aspirations and how their lives change over time as they witness hardships, challenges and betrayal in their friendship and career. It stars Ahad Raza Mir and Alizeh Shah in leads & Osman Khalid ButtAhmed Ali AkbarZara Noor Abbas and Wahaj Ali in Parallel roles.[1][2][3][4] Plot: The story revolves around a group of high-spirited friends who help, support, and enjoy one another’s company as they overcome hardships in their lives. Four friends, Saad, Shahzain, Shariq and Shehryar call themselves the SSG (Special ‘S’ Gang because all their names start with the letter ‘S’). They all study in Lawrence College in Murree. Saad’s family comprises his father, Brigadier (later Major General) Faraz Inam, who serves in the army, his mother and sister, Rahmeen, an aspiring artist. Shahzain belongs to a rich village family and is the closest to his grandfather, Malik Allahyar. Shariq’s family consists of his sister, Ghazala and his widowed mother. Shehryar’s father is a bandmaster. They often bunk college together at night and once caught by their hostel warden, Firdous Baig. On the other hand, there is Dua and Rani. Rani is a vivacious girl, who comes from a rich village family. After three years, she is yet to pass her Intermediate exams, which she ultimately doesn’t. Dua comes from Rawalpindi and is seen visiting her cousins, Aisha and Raheel in Murree. Raheel is obnoxious and is over-protective of Dua, which she immensely dislikes and tries to avoid him. Despite receiving warnings from the headmaster of the college, the SSG still bunk college and this time, they accidentally run into Dua and her cousins. Saad immediately recognizes Dua, while Shariq and Shehryar run away from the scene. Saad tells Shahzain that he had seen Dua twice before and has a crush on her but he didn’t have the courage to tell her about his feelings. Shahzain encourages Saad to go after her and get to know her name since he didn’t. The next day, they met Dua again after Shariq spots her with her cousins and tells the other three, who immediately rushes to her. As Shahzain and Shehryar begin to introduce themselves to Dua and tell her about Saad, Raheel pushes Saad, thinking he was harassing Dua and a physical fight follows. The police arrive and take Saad and Raheel into custody, while Shahzain and Shehryar flee, later joined by Shariq. Dua’s parents file a complaint against Saad, in the name of harassment. This causes a rift between the SSG. Shariq refuses to be involved in their tactics anymore. Saad slaps Shahzain, because he made a fuss in front of Dua. In the end, Saad, Shahzain and Shehryar were rusticated from the hostel. Since Sharq wasn’t directly involved in the incident, no action was taken against him. The four friends now go on to lead their separate lives. Shahzain doesn’t show up for his exams and slowly transforms into an angry young man. Saad is confused between choosing Army or Medical as his profession but ultimately joins army after finding Dua submitting her application at the same college where he went. Later they meet at a park by accident. Dua softens up when she overhears him scolding his pet Zoro for running after her. Shahzain and Shehryar then visit Saad, wanting to reconcile but Saad humiliates the two and ask them to leave. Saad later departs for PMA (Pakistan Military Academy). Upon arriving at PMA, Saad meets Gulzar Hussain and develops a good friendship with him. On the other hand, Shahzain gets married to Rani. Shahzain only invites Shariq and Shehryar for his wedding yet gets angry when he hears the two talking about Saad. Shariq and Shrehyar leave realizing that Shahzain only viewed them as commodities and not friends. In their next meeting Saad and Dua were confronted by Raheel (Dua’s cousin). Dua walks off angrily and goes home. Raheel proposes to Dua for marriage but Dua refuses and tells her father to trust her that Saad is just a friend. She then tells Saad she won’t contact him until they both establish their careers. Raheel’s parents then invite Dua’s parents and insist on their marriage but Dua’s father refuses. On the way home, Dua’s parents have a road accident. Dua’s father passes away and her mother becomes disabled. Her cousin blackmails her into marrying him as he finds out she is adopted. Dua agrees but then expose him in front of his parents. Dua and her mother shift to Abbottabad to live near her medical college. Saad is shown to pass out of PMA with a sword of honour. Later he finds about Dua’s father. Shahzain is shown to be contesting in the by elections. Shariq’s YouTube channel has been so well established that he is offered a job as a news anchor at a well-established channel. He accepts the job after declining at first and selects Ramsha (a former news reporter who became friends with Shariq) as producer of his show. Shahzain wins his elections and becomes an MNA. Shariq achieves success as a news anchor. After passing out from PMA, Saad starts his army duties and visits Dua. He helps Dua in setting up her new home. They grow closer to each other and eventually meet each other’s parents. Saad starts planning his wedding and bumps into Shahzain while completing a wedding-related task. They both hug each other and reconcile their differences. Meanwhile, Shehryar is appointed as an Assistant Commissioner and works with Shariq to help free one of their college friends who has been wrongly imprisoned due to a mafia gang. Shariq and Shehryar manage to successfully free him. All the four friends get together for Saad’s wedding and are seen teasing Saad. On the night of the wedding, it is revealed that Dua has been appointed as an army doctor and walks down the aisle in her uniform leaving Saad in awe. Cast:
Name Role Notes
Main characters
Ahad Raza Mir Captain Saad Captain Of Pak Army, Dua’s husband & Main lead Character
Alizeh Shah Dua Rashid Saad’s wife and Captain Doctor
Ahmed Ali Akbar Shehryar Saad’s friend and Assistant Commissioner
Osman Khalid Butt Malik Shahzain Saad’s friend and Member of National Assembly
Zara Noor Abbas Rani Shahzain’s wife
Wahaj Ali Shariq Habib Saad’s friend and Journalist
Supporting characters
Hajra Yamin Ramsha A journalist, Shariq’s colleague and love interest
Momina Iqbal Masooma Shehryar’s cousin and love interest
Vaneeza Ahmed Faryal Saad‘s mother
Adnan Samad Khan Gulzar Saad’s army friend
Komal Meer Rameen Saad’s sister
Faraz Inam Siddiqui Faraz Inam Saad’s father
Syed Muhammad Ahmed Malik Allahyaar Shahzain’s grandfather
Khalifa Sajeer Uddin Firdous Warden of Lawrence College hostel
Mian Wassam Waheed Rashid Ahmed Duaa’s father
Ejaz Ahmed Niazi Master Dean Lawrence College
Azeem Sajjad Malik Yar Mohammad Shahzain’s father
Naeema Naeem Butt Shariq’s sister
Anjum Habibi Laal Khan Shehryar’s father
Munazzah Arif Shahzain’s mother
Humayun Saeed Humayun Saad’s Senior Major (Special Appearance)
Afraz Rasool Ameesh Goswami Indian TV anchor (Special appearance)
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