Self Defense Training: Master Wong. Watch and Learn self-defense training from Master Wong. Wing Chun, Tai Chi, JKD Master is the best home learning martial art channel on Youtube. They teach women self-defense, kickboxing for fitness, Streetfight self-defense, Wing Chun kung fu, including the traditional side Wing Chun Kung fu. It doesn’t finish there yet, they also do Tai Chi for health and Combat. Their JKD is an all-rounder for mix martial art and UFC training. They incorporate health and well -being in their training such as nutrition, fitness, weight loss and any other benefits that can optimize our life. If you’re a serious practitioner and want to learn from home at your own pace, they have online training courses available that come with training support to guide you through. These courses are available on their website. If you want to train with Master Wong personally lookout for Master Wong workshops and seminars around the U.K as well as around the world. If you want to learn their training system and be a member or part of their instructor team, contact them through their website. If you like our blog post then give it a thumbs up and if you did not then comment down your views in the comments box below. Subscribe to our website to avail discounts at our associated services. We searched over the internet and this is what we found on “Quora” :
Is master Wong real or fake?
Scott Ewing replied to the question as follows: “Some context for my opinion. I have a black belt in TKD, brown in Karate, brown in Judo, blue in BJJ and a smattering of MMA training and sport jujitsu. I’ve been a huge fan of UFC since UFC 1 back in 1993. I’ve also watched Master Wong’s entire beginner series on Udemy for Wing Chun. Firstly, I’ll say it’s better wing chun training than I’ve had so far. He has clearly modernized it – a lot – and retains key concepts more than antique forms. He moves very dynamically and in the training drills you are to use loose stances and movement as you would when sparring as a kickboxer with your partner slinging focus mitt strikes at you with either hand based on the drill. I’ve found that he does a very good job bringing wing chun up to modern standards and trying to apply it to modern striking scenarios (brawling hooks, 1–2 combos, etc.). He goes into great detail about why he likes to use an MMA style shield (elbow up and forward, hand on ear) as a more reliable defense to hooks than trying to block or catch them out of the air. He also likes it for legal reasons as you start the fight defending yourself and it prevents you from looking to be the aggressor. Where he tends to flail a bit or show weakness is in the grappling department. Most of the moves where he uses Chinese style trips, throws and take downs are good. When he shows more wrestling or MMA style grappling the technique is not there. He feels more like a visitor to rather than a resident of grapple-town. Similarly the escapes from modern MMA attacks (guillotine, rear naked choke, etc.) tend to be technically weak or focus on detonating testicles. All that being said – he’s incredibly fit and very fast. His students – even with body armor on – look like they’ve accrued PTSD from the abuse. I would not recommend attacking him”.
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