In this video, Qasim Ali Shah is talking about the topic “Business And Education”.  He claims that Educated Person Can Not Do Business !! He is also sharing his experience, wisdom, and knowledge that will be helpful for all those who want to know about the relationship between business and education. The video is in the national language of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We would suggest to our audience to use a translator if you do not know the Urdu language. The following information is related to the Youtube Channel of the famed teacher
Qasim Ali Shah is a well-renowned teacher, an inspirational speaker and leader, a success coach and a practical educationist of Pakistan. He is amongst the top entrepreneurs of the country, a best -selling author of 12 influential books, a famous radio host, chairman of Bestival book fair Lahore, a director of native schools system, tour ambassador of Uzbekistan government, and intellectual on T. V. He is the founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation which is working on the moto that Pakistan will transform if thought transforms. In a very short span of time, his motivational videos got viral on WhatsApp and Facebook with 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 million followers on the Facebook page and many other mediums, Shah’s endeavor is around the globe. His lectures are relatable among masses due to his regional language, style, examples, above all his journey of strength and resilience. He has delivered thousands of inspirational seminars and sessions on various topics of self-help. He has trained thousands of the judiciary including civil and session judges, thousands of highest placed private sectors, governmental institutes and departments, armed forces, Social Groups and NGOs, Educational Institutes, International and national tours. His live audience whom he has trained is approximately nine million He has written hundreds of articles for several newspapers. Hundreds of articles, blogs, and podcasts have been written on his works and achievements at national and international levels. We suggest using a translator to all those who do not know the Urdu language.
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