Crisis Discussion:

Today I want to highlight the weaknesses in the implementation of Govt. decisions timely and mafias are getting benefits of this weakness. Once ECC decides any policy that should be monitored closely by the concern Minster by getting help from his P.A / Secretary. It is not a Khota Science that how to improve minister’s capability. Obviously too many are new but most are experienced in this Govt. The delay tactics are being played by these experienced ministers and passing the benefits to mafias and getting their share from the mafia’s through Hundi, Fake Accounts, and in terms of Hard Cash. Every person in Pakistan was crying towards shortage and price hike in Sugar and Atta but Govt. machinery has failed to fill this gap immediately knowingly the reasons of failure as above. If Govt will not pay attention on my highlights that might be possible to more squeeze people of Pakistan. The following questions will clear my claim more positively.

1.    Sugar Import relief in taxes delayed is also an example of mafia’s support.

2.    Late tendering TCP for procurement of wheat and Sugar.

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